15 Cruel Eagle Attacks Caught on Camera

Martial Eagle Attack Lizard

In this video, a Martial Eagle appeared to be surfing on the back of a monitor lizard in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, as it exited the water standing on top of the reptile, but when the surfing session was over, the lizard realized that the teacher was no teacher, but instead it was a chef, ready to try a new recipe of which the lizard was the main ingredient.

A Martial Eagle, Africa’s biggest eagle, flies carrying a monitor lizard it caught for its next meal. The person filming this video was in Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park, primarily to film hippos when he witnessed this incident. Africa is full of these brief, special moments, that live on forever once they are recorded.

The martial eagle in this video caught a monitor lizard and was waiting for it to die, so it could fly off with it to go feed its offspring that was crying out for food in the distance. The encounter lasted about thirty minutes before it was over. The Martial Eagle is the largest of the African eagles, and it can knock an adult man off his feet.

Eagle Catches A Duck

An eagle snatches a duck on the fly and lands on the riverbank, where white snow covers the ground. It’s a simple hunt for the bird of prey, and now, all that’s left to do is kill the duck. In this video, you can clearly see those bald eagles hunt for more than just fish on the river, and we see here that the initial catch was made by a juvenile! Impressive!

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