14 Best Hawk Attacks Caught On Camera!!


Predators of the iguana include birds of prey and the hawk is one of those birds. Watch this hawk attack this iguana, but what seems like child’s play for the big bird is not. The lizard is powerful and keeps escaping the grasps of the hawk. The hawk has injured the reptile, but it is not able to seal the deal. It looks like this hunt is on the verge of collapse for the bird of prey.

In this video, you can see how the hawk clamps its talons on the lizard and then jumps up and down to weaken it. Once the mission is completed, the hawk takes the iguana back to the nest to feed its family. Finally, this hawk uses this iguana to skateboard on the grass. I guess it’s training for the upcoming Olympic games.

Cat & Dog

While hawks will not go out of their way to attack and devour a cat, especially because cats are larger than their usual prey, if they are hungry enough and have the opportunity, they will. In our first video, this hawk targets a smaller cat, holding it tightly to a fence by putting its talons on the cat’s head and squishing it. This must be painful for the cat who tries desperately to free itself, but the hawk is too big and powerful.

The hawk had complete control over the cat, and after it was weakened, it flew away with it. What an incredible sight to behold. A hawk and a small Yorkie were fighting for their lives in a family’s garden. As another terrified Yorkie waited by and watched, the bird of prey viewed the dog as its next meal. A 15-year-old teen girl takes a seat cushion and begins pounding the bird in the head with it until it flees.

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