Leopard attacks neighbours dog

It’s videos like this that illustrate just how utterly terrifying it would be to be stalked by a big cat like a leopard. The fact that such a creature can be that close to you without you even realizing it’s there is just truly unnerving.

The scariest part of this video is how long the leopard was standing there staring at the dog. The dog didn’t even sense the leopard’s presence. Leopards are true hunters. The element of surprise is everything, especially when your prey is bigger than you, or as big as you.

The fact that a leopard can even be that incredibly quiet and stealthy is scary. Dogs are known for their hearing and smell but not even they can tell when a leopard is close

Jackie is the dogs name and although it may seem like he died there he didn’t, in fact he recovered very very fast and actually had a high chance of surviving since the leopard didn’t bite him in the neck and actually bit his shoulder.

The leopard did leave some deep wounds all around him, but he received all the treatment and medication he needed and now he is caught playing and running around chasing birds !!

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