ama Leopard Desperately Tries To Reunite With Cub

A mother who gives birth, no matter what species she belongs to, protects and guards her little child, no matter whatever situation she has to face, she overcomes it, motherhood is an all-pervading universal feeling, mother is like another god,

This mama leopard’s reaction to seeing her lost baby again is so emotional — wait to see what she does when they’re finally reunited


When mama leopard returned, she must have thought, “I don’t remember putting my cub in a transparent box. I’ve got to find better hiding places!”

I was on pins and needles watching mom trying to figure out how to navigate that box her cub was in, so glad they were reunited!

Thank you so much to the workers who alerted the rescuers and to the rescuers for caring for and reuniting this precious baby to mum.

I love how an animal that’s capable of snapping a grown deer’s neck can at the same time be gentle enough to carry its cub from the neck without hurting it.

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